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foto GM Tomas Sosa

GM - Tomás Sosa

"Mindset is everything"

I started playing chess at the age of 4, I have the title of Grand Master and an ELO FIDE rating of 2551 that places me fourth in the Argentine ranking. I am actively engaged in both competing and teaching this wonderful game.

I was 3 times Argentine champion, South American and Pan American sub champion. 

I excel at pushing the people who work with me into an optimal state of mind to make the most of their resources. My motto is to learn, compete and not suffer.

As a coach I have been teaching players of all ages and levels for more than 8 years,

seeking to transmit not only my chess knowledge but also spread my enthusiasm and energy for chess, producing an impact on their way of seeing the game reflected in the results obtained.

I started playing chess at the age of 5, I am a professional player, coach and one of the top 10 players in Italy.

As a player I was 5 times Argentine champion, 2 times Pan American champion and once South American champion.

I played 3 World Cups representing Argentina, finishing seventh in one of them.I have the title of International Master and a Grand Master standard. 

As a coach I hold the title of FIDE Trainer (maximum title granted by the International Federation at coach level). 10 years ago I began to transmit my knowledge of chess, achieving the maximum performance of my students,with remarkable results.In 2017 I was captain and coach of the Argentine delegation in the World Cup held in Uruguay while in 2022 I was captain and coach of the Argentine women's Olympic team at the Chennai Olympiad.

I currently work with children and adults of different ages and levels, as well as being part of the group ofcoaches of the Argentine Chess Federation, where I train some of the biggest promises in the country.

foto de Sebastián Iermito

“Only those who risk going too far can           discover  how far they can go"

MI - Sebastián Iermito 

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